Waterford Coffee Pot For Sale In Waterford West

Waterford Coffee Pot is for sale in Waterford West, Brisbane, If interested, come in and have a look at the place for yourself

Shop 8, 22 Loganlea Road, Waterford West, Brisbane

Raisin Toast with jam

French Toast with swasonal fruit

Croissant with jam or honey

Croissant with ham, cheese and tomato

fresh fruit with yoghurt and honey

Mega Breakfast
Becon, sausage, eggs, hash brown, mushrooms tomato and inch toast

Traditional Bacon and eggs

Traditional Sausage and eggs


Opening Hours:

Mon 7am – 2:30pm

Tue 7am – 2:30pm

Wed 7am – 2:30pm

Thu 7am – 2:30pm

Fri 7am – 2:30pm

Sat 7am – 12noon

Sun 7am – 12noon

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